Collection: M.Y.O Make-up cases


Palettes are essential for getting rid of bulk and saving space, whether you’re consolidating your beauty collection at home or you’re a pro cutting down on excess kit weight. 


Perhaps you'd like to consolidate your stack of eyeshadow palettes by various brands into a uniform system organized by color. Or you’re looking to organize individually-packaged powder stacks into a few sleek palettes. 


You’ll need a storage system that can grow and evolve with your makeup collection. Following the Mari Kondo method, these palettes should have a clear top to be able to see the contents upon first glance, without having to open each palette to know what’s inside. These should be high-quality makeup palettes with reinforced snap enclosures that will last for years to come. 

An all-in-one makeup palette is a container that contains multiple cosmetic products in one place—it’s the Mari Kondo answer to your beauty needs. There are various palettes to suit your different beauty needs, but they are intended to streamline your beauty products and have everything you’ll need in one place.