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Online make-up MASTERCLASS

Produkten van Danessa Myricks zijn SUPER in gebruik, maar je moet ze leren kennen.

Daarom kan je GRATIS de make-up masterclasses bijwonen van drie make-up artiesten:

JUNE 26, 2021 – GRATIS

All classes will be delivered in Spanish or Portuguese and translated into English!

VERO LUNA 19u Belgische tijd

5.00 PM GMT - Bring out your creativity

This well-known and appreciated artist is going to lecture and demonstrate her signature editorial makeup. Vero Luna is one of the most published Latin America artists, so all professionals, but not only, will have a lot to learn!


NATANNE ROSA 21u Belgische tijd

7.00 PM GMT - Bulletproof Skin

This artist is super famous for her Bullet Proof Makeup Technique, called PELE BLINDADA, which has become viral and very popular especially for those doing bridal or want a super long-lasting makeup! Natanne is going to teach us her incredible technique, so we’re positive everyone’s going to love this!


JUNE 27, 2021 – Danessa Myricks University EXCLUSIEF voor subscribers only

ANDY ALEXIS 20u Belgische tijd

6.00 PM GMT - Divine Inspiration

Andy is one of the top makeup artists who has worked with worldwide celebrities and super famous magazines. He’s going to impress us with his spectacular signature look! He’ll do magic and we are so excited to have him on board.

ZOOM LINK: link will be provided on a separate email to subscribers, 1-2 days before the event or when subscribing to the University! If you are not able to participate to Andy's class live and you are a subscriber, no worries, you can watch his session in your library after the event.


See you there!


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